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Pet Tips – Cryptorchidism in Toy Breed Dogs

Join Dr. Henry as he discusses cryptorchidism in toy breed dogs. Cryptorchidism is a condition where either one or both testicles are retained and fail to descend into the scrotum… Read more

Pet Tips – Urinary Tract Blockage in Cats

Join Dr. Henry as he talks about urinary tract blockages in cats. This is a life-threatening blockage of the lower portion of the urinary tract that prevents a cat from… Read more

Pet Tips – Bone Removal

Watch as Doctor Ross Henry from the Kimberling Animal Hospital helps a dog that has a bone stuck to its jaw. Read more

Pet Tips – Liver Disease in Cats

Dr. Ross Henry from the Kimberling Animal Hospital talks about liver disease in cats. Read more

Pet Tips – Whipworms

Doctor Ross Henry of the Kimberling Animal Hospital explains the dangers of Whipworms. Read more

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