Hills to Home Food Delivery - Kimberling Animal Hospital

Hill’s To Home Food Delivery

The team at Kimberling Animal Hospital is thrilled to announce that we are now able to offer you – our loyal clients – a new convenient option when it comes time to order your pet’s food. 

If your pet is currently on a Hill’s prescription diet, you’ll be able to get the food delivered right to your door as part of our Hill’s to Home Delivery Service. This service applies to all of Hill’s food products, including their Prescription Diet, Science Diet, Healthy Advantage, and Bioactive Recipe foods.

There’s a good reason we wanted to partner with Hill’s. These specially formulated foods contain only the ingredients your pet needs to thrive. They’re scientifically designed to promote overall health, not to look pretty or follow any faddish food trends, and that means zero unnecessary fillers, colorings, or preservatives. And dogs and cats love the taste, too!

Pet parents who are already feeding their pets Hills need only call our hospital to get started on your first home delivery. If your pet is not yet on a prescription diet but you suspect they might benefit from one, you’ll want to make an appointment with Dr. Henry or Dr. VanAnrooy to discuss which food best suits your pet’s needs and lifestyle. Dogs and cats struggling with obesity, diarrhea, allergies, and arthritis often show great improvement on prescription diets, and they’re also perfect for pets who’ve recently had surgery.

Once you’re enrolled in the Hill’s to Home delivery program, you can simply go directly through the Hill’s home customer site, where you can sign-up for auto-ship, meaning a standing order will automatically be delivered to you. 


As an added bonus, you’ll get 30% off your first auto-ship order placed between now and March 31st and then 5% off every auto-ship order after that!

Want to take advantage of this offer? Call 417-739-4090 today. We’re so excited to be able to deliver this level of convenience to you and your animal companions!