What Exactly is TPLO Surgery?

What Exactly is TPLO Surgery?

Did you know that ACL disease is six times more likely to occur in dogs than it is in humans? While this is unfortunate for our canine companions, there is an effective method for treating this ailment: TPLO surgery.

For dogs who do qualify for this treatment, this approach offers:

  • Faster recovery times with a low rate of complications
  • Structured rehab is rarely required
  • Less chronic osteoarthritis
  • Patients recover a more symmetric gait

At Kimberling Animal Hospital, our Dr. Allen is a specialist at TPLO surgery and has performed over 3,000 of these procedures! With his expertise, your pet will be up and walking approximately 72 hours after surgery. Plus, we also use laser therapy for your pet after the surgery, to ensure advanced and faster healing for your best friend.

If your dog is suffering from ACL disease and you’d like to get them treated, or if you have any questions at all about this procedure, contact us at 417-739-4090 or request an appointment online.