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Why We’re Rejecting Retractables

Why We’re Rejecting Retractables

As of December 1st, Kimberling Animal Hospital will no longer allow flexi-leads or retractable leashes in the hospital. If you should forget or not have another option, our staff will be happy to provide you with a slip lead to use during the duration of your visit to our hospital.

We feel strongly that retractable leases are dangerous for you, your dog, and our other pet patients. Here’s why:

Longer length means less control and more danger for your dog
Dogs are likely to wander, be more fearful, unpredictable and make unwanted contact with other pets and people. The unwieldy length means you have less control over your dog, and the built-in locks tend to break and wear our quickly, especially if you have a dog that pulls.

The leash can cut, burn or even amputate fingers
Gabbing the leash or getting tangled in it as it reels out or retracts can lead to serious injuries.

Retractable leashes are not reliable for controlling dogs around other pets
In small spaces such as our waiting area, a roaming dog on a retractable leash can be stressful or threatening to other animals, especially cats. Even healthy and friendly dogs may not be receptive to another dog running up to say “hello”.

They actually teach your dog to pull
Over time, your pet will figure out that the more they pull, the more lead they get.

Retractable leash handles are bulky
The big plastic handles can be more easily pulled from your hand, as well as hurt or frighten your pet when it comes hurling towards them.

The thinner cords can break, tear or fray
Even a smaller dog can be quite powerful when it takes off running, and the cords on retractable leashes can easily snap, putting your pet in danger. Constant retracting also weakens the strength of the cord as it continuously rubs against the handle.

At Kimberling Animal Hospital, we want all our patients to have a happy and safe experience. If you have questions about this policy, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 417-739-4090. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.